Your own stories are the key to your own success

I worked in the creative industry for 15 years, as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Gallery Owner and while I was doing that I tried seemingly every form of branding and marketing but I questioned them all because I always felt a gut feeling that they are not right.  


What do I mean by not right?

We live in a world flooded by people selling us things. A capitalist society that is based on the formula of more and more. It feels like companies are screaming at us, trying to sell us their product, content, or coaching package.  This is nothing new but in the world of social media, it started to be a constant companion. 

And in the midst of this, there is us. Small businesses, feminist owned, female-driven businesses, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC businesses, creative businesses run by conscious artists who all feel like this old model just does not suit them 

So where do we fit in?

The classical business strategy was created by men, with the masculine energy in mind and we are still creating businesses day in day out with that perspective. These businesses are trying to convince you of your unworthiness to sell you stuff you don't need. 

This way of creating businesses that lead to oppression, racism, climate catastrophe, physical and mental illness, a distorted idea of what a "real" body looks like, to only name a few. 

When we are using the same techniques, we are participating in the same dynamic. 


The only way we can change that is by developing a strategy that fits our own. Working around the Status Quo and finding ways in which we can create businesses that feel honest and authentic to us.


Businesses that are built on trust, connection, and worth. 


If and when you want are willing to look at your business from another perspective I am here to hold a space for you.

I am not here to give you solutions.

The solutions can only come from you.

You, who knows your community. 

You, who knows your businesses.

You, who made it so far already.


I am here to brainstorm. ​Sharing my experience with you and you share yours with me together we can think out of the box and figure out what works for you and your community, outside of what we believe is the "Norm".

Let's talk about your story

Let's chat

Your story is the key

If you feel connected to this idea feel free to get in touch. Let's talk about how we can create a space that works for you.


Don't worry about finances yet. Because I price my work on a Sliding Scale so we can find a solution.