I have to reach perfection, do I?

For a while now I started noticing a trend that I see on the boards of Pinterest, the feeds on Instagram, and the videos in TikTok. People of all genders in all sizes, forms and colors celebrating their own being. Celebrating their perfect moment.

I celebrate every single one of these people for their love for their own body and mind but I do ask myself. Is this a true depiction of how we should feel?

We live in a world of so many extremes nowadays. You either hate or love, react or breathe, conquer or retrieve. You are an introvert or extrovert, sensible or emotionless. Opinions, feelings, conclusions, discussions. There seem to be no grey zones anymore. Everything has to be one or the other.

And I do not always feel represented. And this is not because I do not see representations of my body type or my opinions or world views. Those are out there and I am thankful for every one of them. It is because I don’t see how people actually feel and react on a daily basis. I don’t see reality. There is one-dimensional content that is created by multidimensional people. I miss the people. I miss multidimension.

Aren’t we are more than one topic. Or one direction? Aren’t we constantly changing our minds and thoughts and behaviors?

For example, I cherish my own body. I accepted it and I occasionally love it. But I don't always do. Sometimes I don’t feel much at all. Sometimes I am annoyed by it because it changes. Sometimes I celebrate these changes. Sometimes I want to feel sexy and sometimes horribly comfortable in my Pj’s. The relationship to my body is way more complex than a quote saying: “your body deserves your unconditional love” or “your body is perfect as it is”

Please don’t get me wrong. I believe that most of these messages are right and important but they often feel very detached from what might be true. They often feel very far away from reality lived and if not put into a context they will not be helpful but rather destructive, at least in my eyes.

For example, if I would have surrounded myself with quotes like this, seen a few self-loving images by people but would have ignored the work that came with that process (which is in most cases not mentioned) I would have not started to like myself, but simply started to hate the fact that I might never be like that. That I could never reach this amount of confidence in myself.

Only the context provided by books, videos, articles, and the few good social accounts, made me understand the whole picture and the ups and downs of the journey so I could reach my own personal wonderland of body love. Which btw is simply accepting it.

So multidimensional is key. It is important to see the whole process, the whole person. The grey zones! We need to see it all to understand that we are perfect in our own imperfection because everyone is.

We all struggle, change our minds, create new ideas, fail and rise again.

Remember that next time somebody wants to show them only one dimension. Remember that they are only perfect in their imperfection. The same way you are.

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