How I started living and working in a Van

Updated: Nov 12

One of the biggest decisions my fiancé and I made in our lives was probably the one living and working in a van. We gave away most of our belongings and decided to live a life on the road.

This has been a slow process for over 4 years. We decided back then, in our three and a half room apartment, that it is too big. That we don't need that much. That the simplicity of a smaller space would be freeing for our mind and soul. Embracing and welcoming minimalism into our world and slowly decluttering our belonging.

We looked into Tiny Houses and the possibility of moving around without own home. But we weren't sure if we could make it in such a small space. Everybody was so afraid that a small space would ruin our relationship that we started to believe that this might be true. So when we had the opportunity to rent a smaller 2 room apartment we jumped at it immediately to test out the new waters of living smaller. Seeing if this seed of fear that was placed in us was actually one that is true.

We discovered quickly that it isn't. That it was actually the opposite. The smaller we lived the more we had to communicate. There was no space to avoid each other. So suddenly everything is on the table. This brought us closer together.

It also gave us more room to breathe and just be.

The more we decluttered, the less we had and consumed, the smaller we lived, the freer we felt. Living more and more simple every step of the way. Life was getting lighter. Like more was possible!

It was also getting more confrontative. Because what happens if you can't dull the sad moments with some online shopping? You need to confront them. At the beginning that was really hard but it also led to the biggest personal development I ever had in my life.

After extensive research into Tiny Houses, we realized that it is not the right thing for us. Not for the moment at least because we simply couldn't decide where to put it. Do we stay in the city? Do we move to the countryside? Do we stay in Switzerland? Closer to the parents? Farer away? Is there a possibility that we want to live abroad and travel more?

With committing to a Tiny House we wouldn't have been flexible enough to give all these decisions some play and flexibility. We would have needed to decide around where we want to stay. Because a tiny house is not as easily moved as you would think.

So the next possible step was to move into a camper. It gave us all the flexibility we needed to travel and discover new places. Live small, closer to nature, and embrace the possibility of having less for a while. So we did! I watched every possible youtube video out there, researched how that could look like exactly, and started planning our own!

And yes I planned and build it out myself with some support here and there with the windows, the heater, electricity, gas, and water. Thank you to everyone who was involved. You are simply amazing!

If you want to get a feel for our van makes sure to check out our Van Tour:

So this is it. The journey on how we ended up living in a van. We started in February 2020 and there seems to be no stop to it. We are both in love with this life and even though we miss our friends and family sometimes we wouldn't change our lives right now. The freedom and creativity this life has created for us is proof that it is the right one for us in this moment of time.

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