What happens when Facebook and Instagram kick you out?

What happens when Facebook decides that your account does not apply to the community guidelines? Then suddenly all your data is gone. Your contacts, your chats, your feed, and therefore your marketing tool?

What would you do?

I ask you because this week I was hacked. I had no access to my account neither on Facebook nor on Insta. And I did all the right steps. Changed my password, told FB I was hacked, and then went on to review the damage.

But there it was. I couldn’t log in. I couldn’t log in on Monday, or Tuesday or, Wednesday or Thursday. Only suddenly on Friday. 5 days later. I couldn’t log in because there were apparently technical difficulties with double opt-in where you receive a message with a code. I simply didn’t receive that message until suddenly Friday I did.

In the meantime, the hacker was able (although the account was blocked and marked as hacked) to create ads ins my name which were then automatically paid by my business account that is connected with PayPal.

I lost money, I lost nerves, I lost time and at the top of the iceberg, I lost my account completely. Because Friday morning I was given notice that my account is gone for good and can not be reactivated.

So what now?

This experience was definitely one of those business and life-altering ones. I was made painfully aware of how much we are in the hands of the billion-dollar social media machines that not only store and sell all of our data but have the ability to kick us out with a click of a finger.

They do not care about our business and they do not care which impact a deletion of our account could have on our livelihood. They are not interested in us, which is proven by the fact that there is no way to contact Facebook in any way. Have you ever thought about this? No service hotline or email address, just automated forms that are reviewed by a stranger that will not even take the time to send an email. (Yes I did NOT get any notice via email that my account is gone)

It makes you think really hard about what monster was created. In one way it connects so many people with each other which makes a huge difference in the world. Good and bad. On the other, we have no control over our own accounts and data whatsoever. None.

You might think:

But we need social media to promote our businesses!

Yes, you might be right. But even this thought in itself is a scary one. There was a time where you did not have to have Insta to survive. And I want to question in the next week if Insta and Facebook are actually the only way to go. Is there another? Can we treat this differently?

These are questions I will ask myself in the next week. Taking this forced time off Social Media to reconsider what my marketing will be all about in the future.

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