Does marketing communication need to be regular?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Inspired by Jacque Jardao

So recently I started to think about a „weakness“ of mine. It is something I am struggling with since a veeeeeery long time. And to be honest probably already my whole life. And that is the concept of regularity.

Probably because my whole marketing world was turned upside down when Facebook kicked me out of their system for good and deleted all my Insta and Facebook accounts I was faced with the reality that I needed to recreate my marketing strategy and find my tribe once more.

But how will I do this?

With questions, questions, questions! I am in the process of reevaluating every aspect of marketing strategy as I know it or as I learned it. In the last year, I learned so many new and old business and marketing strategies that my head is still spinning but they all had one major thing in common.

Religious Regularity. Or as a lot of marketers call it: Turning up regularly for your crowd.

So I will be brutally honest here. I always had major difficulties with that. The weekly newsletter. The daily Insta post. The Monday and Friday Blog, the monthly bookkeeping, or the quarterly evaluations.

Whatever was connected to some kind of almost religious upkeep of a medium inside and outside of my business was a nightmare for me!

I tried and failed and tried and failed to keep up with the same regularity that many other people seem to deal completely fine with.

It was making me nuts. I was feeling so much pressure around this and of course, I also had a bad conscience. Because most marketers will tell you that if you don’t show up for your crowd regularly you fail and lose them all.

But do you?

I feel like the constant pressure of keeping up your content on a regular basis very often leads to a lack of quality. At least it was for me.

Why? Because I HAD TO send out another email, newsletter, Instapost. Wich lead me to produce content that I might otherwise not have produced. Sometimes this can be good like creating something amazing shortly before a deadline. But very often I felt like the quality of the pieces I created were actually lacking a bit. Talking about things I may have not talked about or showing images just for the sake of showing them.

And I wonder? Are you really a bad marketer if you send your newsletter out 3 times a month on different days and times whenever you have something to say and the time to say it?

Or if you post when you actually have content to post instead of forcing the regular timetable to produce content you only share it when it is meaningful?

Of course, I do believe that showing up is the most important element that there is in connecting with your tribe! That means not letting people wait for half a year to hear from you. But does it really matter when and how often you turn up as long as you do turn up on your community radar every once in a while? Like a good old friend instead of an annoying companion.

In my last post about Nothing Changes when Nothing Changes I was talking about the ways we get stuck in and that we sometimes need to change these ways to step out of our comfort zones and try something new.

So my ultimate goal from now on is that every blogpost and every newsletter will enrich your life in some way. I want you to enjoy and learn from the content I create the same way I enjoy and learn from creating it.

And if you ever miss me in between. Drop me a line at

I always love to hear from you.

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