Will YouTube be helpful for me as an artist?

Updated: Nov 12

As a storyteller and artist, I often feel like my stories are not heard. Especially after leaving Instagram and considering 2020 and the social isolation covid situation it got harder to connect to you. Usually, I would start considering new ways. Like going on markets and connecting to people in person but most social events are simply not happening right now. Also, I live in a van and don't carry any stock with me. (Which probably needs to change as well).

So I decided to give Video a try. I enjoy being in front of the camera telling my stories. I enjoy the process that comes with it. Cutting it, placing music and I am realizing how much fun it could be to share these videos I create with you.

But I will be honest with you. I do have a fear that it is another project that I will have a hard time with. I am afraid that nobody is interested in. I am afraid that Google algorithm will ignore or delete me the same way Facebook did (read here). And most of all I am afraid that I am just another voice in the void.

But I also know that video is compelling. That video has the power for creatives to show their work and their life in a way that is more than in image can ever provide. When you look at accounts like Frannerd, Holly Exley, or Audra Auclair you quickly realize that video can be a powerful accompanying marketing tool for you as an artist. You can teach, inspire, or promote your work and still be found at any moment. Because in comparison to Instagram, YouTube is a search engine. So your video's can be found years after you have published them. On Instagram, your Image has a survival rate of about 48 hours. On YouTube, it can be years if you have something to say that is timeless like Frannerd did with her How to become an Illustrator video (It's 4 years old!)

It is about relevance and like blog posts about getting found with the right keywords and sentences. And art in itself I have to admit but with a little research, it seems doable.

So I decided to go for it. To test out my curious mind and go for a medium that I wanted to do for years but was too afraid to step into.

Will I be able to use YouTube as a tool for me as an artist to promote my business?

I don't know yet. But I am willing to find out! If you want to join me in this discovery visit my new YouTube Channel and hit subscribe.

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