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  • Question the Norm | Sticker

Question the Norm | Sticker


Question the Status Quo and ask yourself. Is this how it has to look like just because it has always been that way?

Questioning the ways our society works.

⁠⁠Questioning why people think my body has to look a certain way. ⁠⁠Questioning how we are supposed to consume and live. ⁠⠀



  • ⁕ Sticker Size: 9.5x7 cm
    ⁕ Printed on weatherproof, holographic, self-adhesive vinyl.
    ⁕ ︎ Arrives within 1 week in Switzerland, 2-3 weeks in Europe, and up to 4 weeks in the rest of the world
    ⁕ ︎ Refunds are possible if the item doesn't show up or arrives damaged

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