Let's start by saying that you are absolutely fabulous. Thank you for checking out my website and considering to buy something.

So if you on my website you are probably thinking of buying a product or booking a service. In that case, I find it important that you know a few things about how I produce ma art and what you will get. 


For all physical products like prints or apparel, I use a drop shipping company called Printful. Because I am traveling full time I can't keep any stock and I am not able to produce my own products. So I decided to rely on an on-demand company so ever product reaches you wherever I am in the world. A drop shipping company produces your product only when you order it so it takes a little more time until it will arrive at your door. It also means that if there is an issue with returns or damaged items Printful will take care of it. But there are a few things I can help with in case something happens. 

One Exception: When you book a full-body Portrait you have the option to choose between a medium and a high-quality print as your final product. Medium Quality will be produced with Printful and high quality with a dropshipping company called WhiteWall which specializes in gallery-quality prints.



Digital Good: After you purchase a digital product you will receive a download link via email where you download your goods. You can only download your art up to 30 days after you receive your mail!


Physical Goods: All physical products like posters and apparel which are printed on-demand are usually produced within a week. But there are exceptions like the all-over products like the crop top or leggings. These take a little longer because they need to be printed, cut and sewn first. If you are busing several different products it could be that they are shipped separately because of this time difference and because they are often produced in different facilities. So, for example, it could be that your 3XL shirt will come from the USA where the print will arrive from Spain or Litauen. So if you want to make sure the products arrive in time please make sure you allow enough time for it to be processed and shipped. 

It sounds complicated but done worry. The main thing is it will arrive at your door. 😆 If you are curious about how long your package will be on the road visit this page here

International Shipping: International shipments may incur customs fees. Since each country’s customs policy is different, we can't always cover these fees. The final fee is usually based on a variety of factors like weight, value, and size so if you live in a country where you normally pay customs fees (like Switzerland), be prepared for that extra cost.

Order Never arrived: So if your order simply does not want to arrive then definitely let me know! But there are two things you can do before.

1) Check your address and see if it is correct. If it is incorrect I can resend the package to you for the cost of the shipping. No Problem. 

2) If the shipping address is correct and it still didn't arrive please contact me at with your order confirmation and I go investigate. That way I can replace your order and make sure it doesn't get lost again. 


Damaged Items: I want you to enjoy your product so the last thing that I wish for is for your product to arrive damages. So if it does then please get in touch with me for a replacement at no extra charge! I have a 14-day replacement policy for replacements. So make sure you don't wait too long letting me with letting me know that your product is damaged. 

To make the process a little more effective make sure to send me pictures and your order confirmation to so I can get right on it. ❤️

All Items: There is no return on any type of product or service except it is lost or damaged. As I mentioned above I am a full-time traveler. I don't keep stock and there is no way for me to receive your returns or even to keep them anywhere and exchange them. Also, this is an on-demand order so it is made only for you. So make sure you check all the sizes and measurements before you buy because I want you to love your products. 

Digital Goods: I can't take any refunds or returns for digital goods.

Commissions: There is no returns on commissions (like the full-body portrait). Once it is done it is done. The work is put in, so I can't refund you. 

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