Visualizing powerful stories 

Vollgas (translated: full throttle) stands for Andrea Vollgas. A queer, feminist artist, illustrator, storyteller. 

Andrea questions the "norm" and celebrates unique perspectives through visual storytelling. 

My own stories

The sideeffects of leaving instagram as an artist

Find out what happened dring my time away from Instagram and other social Media plattforms. Did it help me? How did it hurt me? How did it feel?

I have to reach perfection, 
or do I?

Let's talk about perfection and  the ideal we see everywhere around us. Why do we often feel so imperfect next to all of those ideals?

Social Media is blocking your creative process

Do you feel blocked, repetitive or like you are not developing in your art? It might be that Social media is blocking your creative process. 

Working together

Let's visualize your story

Latest stories

Visualized stories by clients like The Guardian, Adobe, Vans, Kweer Social and more

Self Initiated - Editorial

Self Initiated - against the Burka ban in CH

The Guardian - Editorial

Kweer Social - Editorial

Vans Pride 2021 - Window Diplay