Every Tuesday we meet and draw and sketch our hearts out. You not only learn a new skill of drawing but also how to transform it into something that is your own. We practice in our sketchbooks, with pens, pencils, acrylics, and more, dependent on your individual needs. 

The workshops are dedicated to very different topics such as figure drawing, depicting nature, paint and canvas and much more. Make sure you don't miss the next workshop and join the Newsletter

Every 4-6 weeks we meet for a casual meetup in a park or cafe. These meetings are completely free and open to everyone. They will be announced spontaneously in our WhatsApp Chat and the Newsletter. You can join the Chat here.

Course & Workshops

I offer one drawing courses and occasional workshops, where you can learn to draw and express yourself creatively.

Some photos from the creative sessions

Send me a photo/video or tag me on your socials with your own DIY solution to be featured on this wall and on my socials. 

Vollgas Insider

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Occasional exclusive rainbow sparkles 🌈✨, some insights into my work, first dips on new products, freebies and more. 

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