My story

A little story about how I got here

Did you know that when you read a story, your brain waves start to synchronize with those of the storyteller? It also activates brain regions that let you understand the motives and perspectives of the person. ( Source )

​My story began when I was about to close my own gallery that I was running for 4 years with a friend. I believed I found my dream job after working as a Graphic Designer for about 10 years and finally opening this successful female-powered art gallery. 

I should have been fulfilled and happy, but the truth is I was deeply unsatisfied.


I had an idea that with the right business, hard work, and dedication I will reach the peak of success the same way that I thought with strict diets and hard workouts I will lose weight and have the "perfect" body.  ​

I was stuck in the ideals that society placed on me. Even though I was living an "alternative" life, I still believed in the things that were taught about how my body has to be shaped, how I was supposed to feel, and what my business was supposed to look like.  

I had enough of the constant battle. So when our lease ran out and the gallery had to move, we decided to shut it down altogether.

I decided to finally pursue my dream of being exactly the person I am, an artist, an illustrator, a mentor. Unapologetically me!


I was always too afraid to pursue that dream because I believed that I will not survive it or that people would judge me. It took a  lot of energy and a fierce battle with my own believes. But ultimately I have survived and eventually thrived in it. ​

And it taught me that the believes we place on ourselves are bubbles we are able to burst if we want to. It gave me the courage to question, search, and discover new perspectives in people's thinking around personal expectations and what a business has to look like.


I made it my mission to use my knowledge to celebrate and lift marginalized voices and support them in their journey through critical artwork, personal commissions, project visualizations, and creative mentoring. 

Let me share my story

My mission is to visualize your story. Because I believe that your story holds the power of compassion, love, and connection. And regardless if you are a single person or a small business, your voice deserves to be heard and visualized exactly the way you mean it.


Whether it is a custom illustration for your magazine or blog, an event design, an illustrative branding for your business, or all of the above. I am here to visualize your story and support you on your mission to create a space for you and your community. 


Because I believe in a society where we help and support each other I offer my work on a sliding scale or in exchange for goods or services. 

So far, so good? 

My Mission

Celebrating your story